Puppetry - Marianne Mettes


For information about custom built puppets, puppet shows, workshops and more, visit Marianne's business page puppetoodle.com or send an email to marianne@puppetoodle.com.

For Marianne, puppetry is the creative glue that fuses together all her passion in music, art, film, performance and children's entertainment.

Marianne has travelled to Europe and the USA to train with master puppeteers and puppet makers from all around the world. She's received prestigious grants, commissions and funding from Sesame Street Workshop, artsACT, the National Museum of Australia and other organisations. She's been showcased on national TV and wowed audiences of all ages and sizes, ranging from small groups to crowds of 10,000 people!


  • Puppetry Commission (developer/puppet maker)

    Sesame Street Workshop, New York, USA, October 2013.

    Created several puppet making activities for children to be introduced at Sesame Street theme parks world-wide. A collaboration with fellow puppeteer Matt Hopkins.

  • Head of Puppetry (teacher/puppeteer)

    Buck's Rock Creative & Performing Arts Camp, Connecticut, USA, June-August 2013.

    Pioneered an exciting educational puppetry program, which has been funded and supported by the Sesame Street Workshop. Here, together with fellow puppeteer Matt Hopkins, they taught children (ages 8-17 and other adult staff) the craft of creating and making a puppet, the foundations of puppetry manipulation and filming muppet-style puppetry on camera to create video clips and short films.

  • Puppetry Commission (developer/performer)

    The National Museum of Australia (NMA), ACT, Feb-April 2013.

    Commissioned to develop a custom-made puppet show and performance.

  • Puppetry Commission (developer/performer)

    ACT NOWaste, ACT, Nov 2012-March 2013.

    Commissioned to create recycling bin puppets, including all the waste materials for a recycling education program to be used in schools.

  • Puppetry Commission (developer/performer)

    The National Museum of Australia (NMA), ACT, Feb 2013.

    Commissioned to develop a custom-made workshop.

  • Created webseries, Baz ‘n’ Snags (developer/performer)

    http://www.baznsnags.com , QLD, NSW, ACT, August 2012-present.

    Created own puppet webseries, with a cast of Australian characters.

  • Puppetry Commission (developer/performer)

    The National Museum of Australia (NMA), ACT, Feb-June 2012.

    Commissioned to develop a custom-made puppet show and performance.

  • Artist in Residence (puppetry)

    Isabella Plains Early Childhood School, ACT 2011-present

    Won an arts grant for teaching, performing and facilitating projects in puppetry to students and teachers at the school. Funded by and supported by the ACT Government and artsACT.

  • PuppetOOdle (founder)

    puppetoodle.com - Canberra and Southern Tablelands, ACT/NSW 2011-present

    A puppet and music business based in Canberra and the Southern Tablelands, Australia. PuppetOOdle provides puppet shows, musical entertainment, activities and puppet-making workshops at children's parties, schools, playgroups, childcare centres, library events and festivals. For more info, visit: puppetoodle.com

  • On-Camera Puppeteer

    Minneapolis, MN, USA, 2010

    Transylvania Television” feature film aired on public TV in the Midwest, USA.

Qualifications & Training:

  • Advanced Marionette

    National Puppetry Conference, Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center, Waterford CT, USA, 2013

    In-depth week long, full-time training in advanced caberet-style marionette technique and performance. Training lead to a creation of a complete marionette rutine performed for a public audience. Lead by world class, master puppeteer (Phillip Huber).

  • Everything You Want To Know About Mechanics

    National Puppetry Conference, Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center, Waterford CT, USA, 2013

    In-depth 3 full day workshop in how to create moving mechanisms in puppets, lead by The Muppets' puppeteer and puppet maker (Jim Kroupa, USA).

  • Object Puppetry Workshop

    The Street Theatre, Canberra Australia, 2013

    In-depth 2-day workshop in how to create puppet theatre from everyday objects lead by (Stephane Georis, Belgium).

  • Marionette-Sac - Intensive Training

    Maison de la Marionnette, Tournai BELGIUM, 2012

    In-depth week long training in puppet making and table top puppet theatre lead by (Patrick Conan, from Garin Trousseboeuf, France).

  • Internationaal Poppen en Figurentheater Festival (attended following workshops)

    Meppel, The Netherlands, 2012

    - Klapbekpoppen Vilten (Felting for puppets) - lead by (Maud Roel, NL)

    - Koppen maken van Moerbeipapier (Paper mache for puppets) - lead by (Elsa Visser, NL)

    - Handschaduwtheater (Shadow puppetry with hands) - lead by (Valeria Guglietti, Spain)

    - Houten Poppen Snijden (Woodcarving puppets) - lead by (Tomas Alferi, Czech Republic)

    - Papier als Speelobject (Paper object theater) - lead by (Johannes Volkman, Germany)

  • Using Music in Puppet Theater (NVP UNIMA)

    Poppentheater Amstelveen, Amstelveen THE NETHERLANDS, 2012

    One day workshop on how to music into a puppetry performance. NVP UNIMA is the Dutch Puppetry Organisation in the Netherlands.

  • Puppetry in Education & Therapy

    Port City Puppet Fest, Wilmington NC, USA, 2010

    In-depth workshop at Port City Puppet Fest on how to use puppetry in education and therapy and being a “teaching artist” in schools. Worked and networked with industry professionals and received valuable insight.

  • Intensive Ventriloquism Course

    PuppetFest MidWest, Trenton, MO, USA, 2010

    In-depth week-long training on ventriloquism at PuppetFest Midwest is a conference that allows participants to work closely with some of the leading puppetry artists of North America. Lead by (Randel McGee, USA

  • Puppetry for TV and Web Course

    Gary Friedman Productions, Sydney 2010

    Intensive 2-weeks (full time) training in building “muppet-style” puppets, puppetry manipulation, on-camera technique, filming puppets specially for Internet and an education history of the art of puppetry. Lead by (Gary Friedman, Australia,)

  • Children's Television Workshop

    Australian Film, TV and Radio School (AFTRS), Melbourne, 2009

    Insight on how to approach funding bodies and broadcasters and speak the language of children's television production. Workshop into script writing, series structure and themes for children's televisions series. Two-full days training.

  • Bachelor of Fine Art - Visual Art (Intermedia)

    Queensland University of Technology (QUT), 2004

    Double major in digital arts and songwriting/production, with a minor in film & TV.

  • Certificate in Early Childhood Studies

    Morayfield State Highschool, QLD 2001

    Completed two year part-time course and work experience at Bright Horizons Childcare.

Past experience:

  • Gallery Assistant

    Paintbox Fine Art, Canberra, ACT 2007-2010

    Oversee general administration of gallery, artworks, exhibitions, openings, and liaising with clients, art lovers and artists.

  • Corporate Video Producer

    Freelance, Brisbane and surrounds, QLD 2003-2008

    Producer/director/editor for various productions for schools, non-profit organisations, community and independent groups and the Brisbane City Council.

  • Photographer

    Santa's Photo Factory, Canberra, ACT 2006

    Children's photographer at Myer's Santaland.

  • Workshop trainer/facilitator

    SpeakOut, Brisbane, 2005-2006

    Facilitated specialised workshops in educational software for children.

  • Corporate Video Producer

    Speak Out Ltd., Brisbane, QLD 2005-2006

    Writing, filming, directing, editing, producing & promoting videos for local small businesses.

  • Sound Assistant, Boom Operator & Graphic Designer

    Freelance Brisbane, QLD 2006

    Worked on film sets and behind the scenes of various short and feature films, including the independent feature film production “All My Friends are Leaving Brisbane”.

  • Children's entertainer

    Gannadoo Parties for Little Groovers Brisbane, 2005-2006

    Performed several characters at children's parties, sang & performed children's songs on ukulele, face-painted, hosted games, created balloon animals, performed magic tricks, etc.

  • Visual Art Tutor for children

    Woodford Folk Festival, Woodford, QLD 2004

    Worked with children and facilitated workshops in visual arts and crafts.

  • Party Co-ordinator

    McDonald's Restaurant, Morayfield, QLD 1999-2002

    Hosted, organised and managed all parties at Morayfield Rd McDonald's. Also developed party structures, games and costuming and trained other staff.